A Good Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

I don’t cook a lot, so I’m always looking for healthy recipes that are very easy to make. (To be completely honest, I usually set off the fire alarm at least once whenever I try to cook, and I wish I was kidding.)

Anyway, most cookbooks are frustrating for me, because they either contain recipes that have 20 ingredients in them, or they contain ingredients that are difficult or very expensive to find. So, when I came across this cookbook today, I was very happy! It’s filled with easy-to-make recipes with ingredients that almost everyone keeps in their kitchen, or can be purchased in any grocery store. And, it’s an anti-inflammatory cookbook, too! So, I thought I’d pass the information along.

It’s called “The Quick and Easy Anti-inflammatory Cookbook For the 15 best anti-inflammatory foods” by Karen Frasier. And if you have Kindle unlimited, the Kindle version is free.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2uiiOAu

Happy cooking! (And don’t set off the fire alarm!)